Basic Manicure  

Soak in water, cut nails, file, cuticle trim, massage, regular polish.

Gel Manicure  

Include Basic Manicure with gel polish.

Gel Polish Change Color  
Gel Polish Change French  
Hot Oil Manicure  

A hot oil manicure is used to treat brittle, ridged nails, and is also known for treating cuticles. Soak finger in hot oil instead of soak in water. Finish with a hand massage and wrap hand with a hot towel.


French or Color Tip  
Nail Design  
10 Nails Design  
Cat Eye  
Polish Change Regular French  
Polish Change Regular Color  
Paraffin Treatment for Hand  
Finger Nail Cut Only  


Acrylic Full Set  
Acrylic Fill-In  
Pink and White Full Set  
Pink and White Fill-In  
Pink Fill Only  
Crystal Full Set  
Crystal Fill-In  
Full Set Gel Color  
Fill-In Gel Color  
Gel Polish Change Only  
Full Set Ombre Pink and White  
Fill-In Ombre Pink and White  
Full Set Gel French Tip  
Fill-In Gel French Tip  


Nails take Off Only  
Nails take Off with Services  
Cat Eye  
Extra Long Nails  
Nail Design or Chrome  
Marble with Services  
French with Services  
Coffin Shape  
Almond Shape  
Stiletto Shape  
Polish Change Regular French  
Polish Change Regular Color  
Nail Repair (1 Nail)  
Nail Cut Down with Service  


Basic Pedicure  

Include soaking in warm water, cutting, and shaping, cuticle care, heel scrub with pumice bar, massage, and regular polish.

Deluxe Pedicure  

Include Basic Pedicure and callus treatment, exfoliating massage with a sugar scrub, a marine mask to moisturize for skin, hot towels, lotion massage, regular polish.

Aromatherapy Spa Pedicure  

Include Deluxe Pedicure and:
- High-end products with an aroma spa system
- Callus Treatment
- Foot Scrub to expel dry skin and purify your feet
- Exfoliating massage with an aroma sugar scrub that dissolves clean and doesn't leave a sticky residue to get feet looking and feeling smooth.

Luxury Pedicure  

A Luxury Pedicure with the best product of; Chamomile spa, Pearl Spa. Green Tea Honey. Help and keep skin clear and smooth health looking.
- Callus Treatment
- Exfoliating with a chamomile sugar scrub
- Mask to moisturize for skin
- Hot towel
- Massage with cream relaxes

Recommended Additional Benefit  

Hot Stones Massage.
Uses black basalt stone heated to massage legs and feet. This treatment helps stimulate blood circulation, relaxes tension, and sore spots.

Paraffin Treatment for Feet  

Paraffin is used for softening and moisturizing. Paraffin is infused with various minerals then is heated to intense heat which allows for deeper absorption of emollients and essential oils. It also helps treat arthritis, rheumatism, minor aches, and pains.


SNS French Long Tip  
SNS French on Natural Nails  
SNS Ombre Pink and White Long Tip  
SNS Ombre Pink and White on Natural Nails  
SNS Color Long Tip  
SNS Color on Natural Nails  
SNS Clear with Gel Long Tip  
SNS Clear with Gel on Natural Nails  
SNS Take Off Only  
SNS Take Off with Service